Towards Metaverso? From Work From Home (WFH) to the crowd sourced city

On the occasion of Milano Digital Week 2021 the event curated by Andrea Stanchi and Simonetta Muccio and organised by Organismo Congressuale Forense.

Technological evolution and pandemic impose a double stress on society, exacerbating inequalities and encouraging the monadisation of individuals, through remote working, online didactics and the digitalisation of interpersonal relationships. The emerging Metaverse has found in the WFH an acceleration towards the virtual dimension. But it is precisely this social fragmentation that is changing the reality of our cities that is the starting point for a reflection on the trends, problems and opportunities of the “new normal” for a smart, humanistic, inclusive, social, integrated, productive and resilient city. Business leaders, lawyers and sociologists discussed the issue.

A recording of the event is available online at this link